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About Byblos

At Byblos we strive to provide our guest’s with an all-natural, healthy, and authentic dining experience using only the highest quality ingredients. Our secret sensations have been perfected to the last grain of spice and have been created to deliver consistency. The issue of conformance to quality is of extreme importance to us. Sahtain!

Sonia, the daughter of Walid (former owner of Nora's A Taste of Lebanon), has been involved in the restaurant business for over 15 years. At a young age, she started with helping her Father with his restaurants where she developed a passion for the restaurant business and pursued her education in the industry. Over the years she has worked in the restaurant business outside of family owned/operated restaurants. From fine dining to big corporate casual restaurants, her experience within the food industry has only given her a level of expertise in the restaurant business. With motivation and dedication, after Nora's closed, Sonia took the initiative to open a similar restaurant in Gainesville naming it "Byblos" after the first city in Lebanon.


We cater to all your special events please ask to speak with a manager about your next event.
Prices displayed are per guest.
Minimum catering order is for 15 guests!
Free Delivery is available (Please ask a manager for details)


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  6850 Piedmont Center Plaza, Gainesville, Virginia 20155


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  Mon  11:00 AM  -  9:00 PM

  Tuesday  11:00 AM  -  9:00 PM

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